Congratulations to Steven

Congratulations to Professor Steven Gao who has received an EPSRC grant for the development of innovative, high-performance microwave and millimeter-wave phased arrays for applications in next-generation satellite communications, inter-satellite links, 5G mobile communications and high-resolution radars.

Phased array antenna is the key technology for advanced wireless systems (satellite communications, mobile communications, radars, sensor networks, wireless power transmission, global navigation satellite systems, Internet Of Things). It can achieve electronically beam scanning so that the maximum radiation is towards the desired users and nulls are formed towards undesired directions. This is a multi-disciplinary project with the University of Kent also collaborating with the University of Southampton, the University of Sheffield, BAE Systems, Huawei, Keysight Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz and NEC.

The total value of the EPSRC award is £1.5 m, with the University receiving approximately £354k. Professor Gao said, “The University of Kent has a world-class research team in antenna and RF/microwave engineering. The team have built a reputation worldwide in research areas of microwave and millimeter-wave phased array antennas, smart antennas, space antennas, Frequency Selective Surfaces, RFID and sensors. We will continue to make further progress in these important areas, for making next-generation wireless systems smarter and more efficient”.