Congratulations to Benito

Congratulations to Dr Benito Sanz upon the successful award of an EPSRC High Value Manufacture Catapult (HVMC) Fellowship. The EPSRC HVMC fellowship allows academics to spend time and carry out research at one or more of the seven centres that form the HVM Catapult, a national network backed by the Technology Strategy Board. The scheme is designed to help academics to work with industry-focused centres and turn their research into commercial reality.

Dr Sanz’s HVMC Fellowship, “Additive Manufacturing Processes for the Development of Innovative Antenna Technology”, will explore the development of three-dimensional antennas and electromagnetic structures using additive manufacturing techniques. The research aims to bring significant advances in the area of radio frequency (RF) devices. The project supports significant interest in the application of additive manufacturing to wearable electronics, healthcare and defence sectors which strongly rely on integrated wireless communication.

Dr Sanz will work with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI). CPI has some of the most advanced systems for depositing metallic tracks on polymers as well as relevant expertise in the development of functional inks. Accessing CPI’s processing expertise will enable not only the manufacture of prototype devices but a clear assessment of exploitation and commercialisation challenges. Dr Sanz also hopes that the EPSRC HMVC Fellowship will become a catalyst for further projects and collaborations.