Explosive finale for EDA’s Defeat SPECTRA exhibit at the Big Bang Fair

The latest Big Bang exhibit by the School of Engineering & Digital Arts definitely excited and inspired young scientists and engineers from around the UK at the Big Bang Fair, which took place from 11-14 March 2015. The Fair is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for young people in the UK. Held annually in Birmingham, it aims to show young people (primarily aged 7-19) just how rewarding a career in these areas can be.

For this year’s Fair, representatives from EDA added a haptic feedback system in the form of a vibrating floor to their already popular Defeat SPECTRA activity.

As in 2014, Defeat Spectra involved three challenges that access the electromagnetic spectrum through technology. The activity is immersive and themed around thwarting a super villain with teams of young people cracking his secret code and destroying the computer control of the sinister SPECTRA corp.

Along the way, challengers have the opportunity to experience night vision cameras, fibre optic communication, microwave transmission, radio control and UV light to see invisible ink. SPECTRA’s base also comprises a dark room with hidden codes, two mission control video monitors and a code breaking station.

Appropriately for such an event, Defeat SPECTRA has a surprising and explosive finale, making it one of the most popular activities at the Big Bang Fair.

This year, EDA’s team was predominately student led and comprised of eight volunteers – four female and four male. The Defeat SPECTRA exhibit attracted 1000 participants, 48% of which were female.

Further information on the Big Bang Fair is available here