Congratulations to John on EPSRC funding

A new EPSRC grant has been awarded to Dr John Batchelor as part of a £1.9M project entitled: Adaptive Assistive Rehabilitative Technology – Beyond the Clinic (AART-BC). The project addresses how a patient requiring assistive technologies, uses them when they leave the clinic. This 36-month project provides measurement, validation, and a feedback facility for a range of conditions and their associated Adaptive, Assistive or Rehabilitative Technologies. It brings together a multidisciplinary team to create a platform to provide information to clinicians, the carers, and end-users. Apart from Kent, the project involves 6 universities: Warwick, Cardiff, Salford, UCL, York, and Oxford Brookes to measure biomechanics in real world scenarios. Kent’s contribution will be to provide sensing, both as transfer tattoos and integrated into the assistive technologies such as wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs.