Digital Media Outreach exploring image manipulation

On Friday 20th June, Assistant Lecturer and PhD candidate Mike Green delivered a Digital Media themed outreach talk to Year 10 students from Sittingbourne Community College. The session, ‘Photoshopped Attitudes?’, explored image manipulation of both men and women in the media and themes of bullying due to body image. Furthermore, it was discussed whether or not people are too quick to blame technologies, such as Photoshop, for these attitudes or if it is simply historical attitudes being more easily expressed. During the second half of the session students were split into two groups, those who had to agree that Photoshop has caused a rise in image bullies and those against. Students then debated their sides using a variety of strong arguments, with one student referencing the historical system of Apartheid to illustrate how in the past people have bullied others for how they look without technological involvement.