Research Seminar – Singular Systems and its Application in Bio-economic Field

The next School of Engineering and Digital Arts Research Seminar is entitled “Singular Systems and its Application in Bio-economic Field” and will be delivered by Professor Qingling Zhang from the Institute of Systems Science, Northeastern University, China on Wednesday 18th December 2013 from 2 – 3 pm in Seminar Room 2 (JS2), Jennison Building. Dr Xinggang Yan will chair the seminar.

In recent years, many researchers have paid more attention to singular systems governed by differential and algebraic equations since these kind of systems can better describe real systems such as power systems, electrical circuits and aerospace systems. Singular systems are also referred to as generalized state space systems, descriptor systems and differential algebraic systems. Based on traditional standard state space systems theory, many theoretical results have been extended to singular systems successfully, and some of them have been applied to engineering fields.

Qingling Zhang’s talk will give an overview of the basic singular systems theory and its application in bio-economics field. He is a professor of Control Engineering and Bioengineering at the Institute of Systems Science, Northeastern University and currently the head of the Institute of Systems Science.

His research interests include singular systems with applications in different backgrounds such as biology and economics and networked control systems. Professor Zhang has published more than 700 scientific papers as well as 12 books. He has received several prizes from China central, and local governments for his outstanding research work.

Professor Zhang serves the Chinese Association of Biomathematics as associate Chairman and Liaoning Province Association of Mathematics as Chairman respectively. He also serves several journals as editor in chief or as associate editor.

All members of academic, technical and administrative staff are welcome to the seminar. RAs and postgraduates (PhD candidates and MSc students) are particularly encouraged to attend the event. For any further enquiry, please contact Dr Xinggang Yan (