Congratulations to Dr Gareth Howells

Congratulations to Dr Gareth Howells in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts who applied to the Faculty of Sciences Research Fund (Tranche 1) and has successfully obtained funds for an autonomous systems project which will further exploit an existing strong collaboration between the University of Kent and the Advanced Robotics Group at the California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in the area of autonomous unmanned vehicles.

The funding will allow for a research visit to develop two new major project proposals based on existing collaborative work between the institutions. The visit will build on the success of the previous EPSRC funded RoBoSAS project (Global – engagement with NASA JPL and ESA in Robotics, Brain Computer Interfaces, and Secure Adaptive Systems for Space Applications). As a result of the proposed funding, the existing strong relationship between the two research groups will be developed further in the already identified promising direction of vision based localisation.