Digital Media Students visit Yahoo! Headquarters in London

On Monday 25th November 2013, Digital Media students from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts spent an informative afternoon at Yahoo! Headquarters in London learning about Yahoo products and services. We all may have heard of Yahoo Search Engine, Mail and Yahoo Answers but less well known is their recent acquisitions of Tumblr and Flickr. Denise Parkinson, Director of Entertainment, talked the students through the importance of digital marketing and how campaigns can make or break box office hits such as the Life of Pi and Rush.

Orlando Parfitt, Yahoo! UK Movies Editor, known famously or rather infamously for that Harrison Ford interview (see gave the students a snap shot of his career path, starting out as a ‘workie’ for Hotdog and eventually working his way up, through his experience and word of mouth to Yahoo! Students also heard from Nada Abdelnour, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Personalization & Targeting, EMEA at Yahoo! of how her career started in the world of banking and moved into advertising in target markets.

Yahoo! is obviously firm in its resolution to stay ahead in the game, especially with Marissa Mayer, former executive of Google, now CEO of Yahoo! Thanks to all at Yahoo for arranging such a thought provoking and inspiring visit.