Students enjoy guest lecture on 3D Animation and Special Effects by Gia Sadhwani

On Wednesday, 27th November, Digital Media undergraduate students studying Professional Practice and postgraduate students on 3D Animation and Special Effects courses were treated to a guest presentation by Gia Sadhwani, a freelance 3D artist. Gia worked as a Senior CG Technical Director at Double Negative for over 8 years. Her credits include Sequence Supervisor, Sorcerer’s Apprentice; Senior FX Technical Director on the Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Returns; Lead Rigger and Animator on the Chronicles of Riddick, Stardust, and Ten Thousand BC; Lead Artist on Stranger Than Fiction.

Gia shared her experience of working at the cutting edge of the animation industry producing major blockbuster movies. She also advised students how to present their work in a demo reel and how to go about getting employed.