Research Seminar – Visualization of Combustion and Multiphase flow

The next School of Engineering and Digital Arts Research Seminar is entitled ‘Visualization of Combustion and Multiphase flow – Our recent research at NCEPU’ and will be given by Professor Shi Liu from North China Electric Power University, in KBSX4, Kent Business School Extension from 4 pm to 5 pm, on Friday, 11th October 2013.

Professor Liu is a professor at the School of Control and Computer Engineering, North China Electric Power University. He received B.Eng and MSc degrees from Chongqing University, China, and his PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK in 1982, 1984, and 1995, respectively. He had been a research professor at the institute of Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences from 1998 to 2007, and has been with North China Electric Power University since 2007. His research interests include visualization of combustion and multiphase flow in power generation process, distributed energy systems with renewable energy sources, and forecast of renewable energy power generation.

Professor Liu’s talk will address improving combustion efficiency, reducing pollutant emission, as well as discussing the integration of renewal energy into the power grid, and the online visualization of combustion and multiphase flow in power plant utilities.

Professor Yong Yan will chair the seminar.

All members of academic, technical and administrative staff are welcome to the seminar. RAs and postgraduates (PhD candidates and MSc students) are particularly encouraged to attend the event. For any further enquiries, please contact Professor Yong Yan (