Kent Union Teaching Awards recognise staff from EDA

Many congratulations to the following EDA staff members who received a Kent Union Teaching Award. Kent Union Teaching Awards recognise the tremendous impact that academic and professional service staff have on students’ studies and lives every year. Education is about impact, development and learning and the great work that academic and professional staff do every year.

EDA Winners are listed below by category:

Best Teacher

Jim Ang, John Batchelor, David Byers Brown, Sam Frewer, Winston Waller

Best Supervision

Nathan Gomes, Stephen Kelly, Peter Lee, Gang Lu, Gianluca Marcelli, Robert Oven, Les Walczowski.

Fantastic feedback

Farzin Deravi, Arthur Drinkwater, Sarah Spurgeon

Professional Services

Clive Birch, Ayman El-Kharrat, Richard Guest, Harvey Twyman, Simon Jakes

Postgraduates that teach

Michael Green

Sciences Award

Yong Yan

Well done to all concerned.