Professor Steven Gao to deliver invited talk on ‚ÄúSynthetic Aperture Radar Antenna Development in the UK” at an international symposium in Japan”

Satellite remote sensing using synthetic aperture radar technologies has important applications in the monitoring of the earth’s environment (natural or man-made disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, fires), agriculture, global warming, etc. Professor Steven Gao from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts has been invited to deliver an invited talk at ‘ 2013International Symposium on Microsatellites for Remote Sensing’ (SOMIRES 2013) which will take place in Japan during the August.The title of Professor Gao’s talk is ‘Synthetic Aperture Radar Antenna Development in the UK’. This symposium focuses on technical topics of micro-satellites, space technologies, payload and space-borne system, missions, analysis technique and applications for remote sensing. The event is hosted by the Centre for Environmental Research, Chiba University, Japan. The symposium is jointly organized by Chiba University, Japan, Kyoto University, Japan.The website for the event is: