Combustion Diagnostics, Control and Combustion Methods and Process Optimisation – 2.5.13 – Call for Papers

The British Flame Research Committee in collaboration with the Coal Research Forum and the University of Kent will be holding a Technical Meeting on Combustion Diagnostics, Control, Computational Methods and Process Optimisation at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts at the University of Kent on Thursday, 2nd May 2013.
Optical diagnostics have developed rapidly recently and are now considered for continuous process monitoring and control. Computational methods, particularly CFD, are almost universally employed for aspects of design, and increasingly for combustion process optimisation. The meeting brings together these themes to emphasise their inter-related benefits and will provide a forum for exchange of up-to-date methods, developments and examples of use. In particular, the focus will be on how the separate topics may work together to deliver emissions-compliant, fuel-flexible and efficient combustion systems that have predictable capabilities, whether the systems are modified and re-worked or ab initio designs.
Papers and posters are sought from interested parties such as instrumentation developers and manufacturers; software users; system integrators; equipment designers, users and researchers; enforcement agencies and policy makers.
The meeting will be relevant to
• equipment designers and manufacturers
• research practitioners and students
• energy managers
• performance & economic system modellers
• energy policymakers

In addition to Members, non-members of the BFRC and CRF are particularly welcome
Submission: Abstracts considered until 31st January 2013. Paper deadline 28th February 2013.
Please see the meeting announcement for further details, including contact details.