Partially funded Scholarship in Integrated Smart Antennas

Candidates are invited to apply for a PhD studentship partially funded by a British Council UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) collaboration between the University of Kent, UK, and Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala, India.
The aim of the project is to develop smart 60 GHz antennas for future Wi-Fi systems using modified printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication techniques. Smart, electronically steerable, antennas are usually formed using phased arrays which are complicated to design and require very accurate manufacturing processes, particular at 60 GHz. This project will look at using switched beam antennas using PCB fabrication techniques. The project is split into two parts: (1) An investigation into the feasibility of using modified PCB fabrication to form electromechanical microfabricated switches on printed circuit boards; (2) design broadband directional antennas that do not require strict tolerance levels and can be fabricated on PCB using conventional fabrication techniques.
The University of Kent is principally concerned with part (1) of the project, with Cochin University working on part (2). As such, the successful candidate will be working mainly on the microfabricated switches. However, they will also be expected to do some antenna design and measurement, particularly during an exchange visit to Cochin.
Further information, including award details and how to apply, is on the School’s Studentships website.
The closing date for applications is 23rd November 2012.