Research Seminar – Fundamentals and Advances in MIMO Communication Systems and Networks – 20th June

We are delighted to announce that Professor Marco Chiani from the University of Bologna, Italy and a Distinguished Visiting Fellow supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering, will give the research seminar “Fundamentals and Advances in MIMO Communication Systems and Networks” in the Jennison Lecture Theatre at 11.30 am on Wednesday, 20th June 2012.
The seminar provides the basic principles and applications of multiple antenna systems, including MIMO and distributed MIMO, and their analysis based on random matrix theory. The effect of space and time correlation on the capacity of MIMO channels will first be presented for a point-to-point link. In network scenarios, where many users employ MIMO, how capacity decreases due to the presence of MIMO interferers will be discussed. Applications include wireless cellular systems, high-speed wireless LAN, WiMAX, as well as energy-constrained multi-node wireless systems.
All are welcome to attend.