50th Anniversary Scholarships

In preparation for the University’s 50th anniversary in 2015, Kent has established an additional 100 doctoral scholarships to be awarded annually from 2012. Known as Kent’s 50th Anniversary Scholars, successful candidates will demonstrate academic excellence and outstanding research potential. Scholarships will be offered at the standard UK Research Council’s rate.
Kent provides a dynamic and challenging academic environment and has an excellent reputation for collaborative research with universities around the world.
The School of Engineering and Digital Arts produces high-quality research that has had significant national and international impact, and our spread of expertise allows us to respond rapidly to new developments. There is a flourishing student population studying for postgraduate degrees in a notably friendly and supportive teaching and research environment. We are well equipped with a wide range of laboratory, studio and computing facilities and diverse software packages for teaching and research support.
As a postgraduate student you become part of a thriving research community and receive support through a wide-ranging programme of individual supervision, specialised seminars and colloquia, usually with external speakers. Kent’s Graduate School works to enhance the quality of the postgraduate student experience and ensures a supportive and vibrant postgraduate community across all our campuses.
The School has a wide-ranging list of current postgraduate research projects in all our research areas. Alternatively students may wish to suggest an appropriate self-selected PhD topic and consult the School for further discussion.
Closing deadline for applicants wishing to be considered for the University’s 50th anniversary scholarship is Tuesday 1 May 2012 and will be considered upon receipt of your PhD application using the online application system.
Any queries should be directed to Tara Sutton, Recruitment Assistant (T.J.Sutton@kent.ac.uk)