Editorial appointment for EDA expert in biometrics

Professor Michael Fairhurst has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of IET Biometrics, a new academic journal in the field of biometrics. Professor of Computer Vision in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, he leads a research group with broad interests in the fundamental processes of image analysis and pattern recognition for a diverse range of applications. His current research projects include work specifically on biometrics but also on image analysis for medical diagnostics and healthcare applications. He has published some 350 papers on biometrics and image analysis applications.
Published by the Institution of Electronics and Technology (IET), a UK-based international professional body, IET Biometrics will bring together papers reporting on cutting edge research across the field of biometrics, and provide a much needed focus for researchers to publish their work in a more unified way. It will also promote greater awareness of the diversity of research around the world while encouraging greater cooperation and collaboration within the research community, especially across traditional discipline boundaries. The new journal will extend an extensive portfolio of high quality journals published by the IET.
Professor Fairhurst said: ‘Biometrics is a very wide-ranging field, with a high degree of interdisciplinarity. The result of this is that researchers working in this area often find that new work is reported in a rather fragmented way, and this can make it difficult to keep up to date with current developments. IET Biometrics will provide a much needed focus for their work. It will also offer support and provide stimulation for research and researchers in this field. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity of contributing to this exciting new venture.’
The first issue of the new journal will be published during spring 2012.