STEM funding for EDA to liaise with schools on curriculum structure

A team of Richard Guest, John Batchelor, Winston Waller and Helen Winder based in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts (EDA) has been awarded funding from the HE STEM Programme to host a Teaching Advisory Board (TAB) in the field of Engineering. The TAB brings together members of the School, the Faculty of Sciences Partnership Development Officer, Jane Anderson, and representatives from local schools and colleges.
The central aim of the TAB is to enable a discussion concerning the curriculum interface between post-16 school/college qualifications and experience, and first year Electronic/Computer Systems Engineering taught at university. In assessing this the group will seek to ensure that university entry qualifications are appropriately and realistically set and will share information on recent and likely future changes to school subject curriculums and examination structure. Furthermore the TAB will allow for a discussion on the design and provision of high-impact university-delivered schools’ liaison activities to facilitate further curriculum dovetailing and inform schools/colleges of employers’ requirements building upon EDA’s strong, extensive and established industrial liaison expertise and contacts in the field.
The first meeting of the TAB will take place during December 2011.