Research Seminar – “Helping Us, Helping You” – 2nd November 2011

Visiting Professors Julie Gadsden and Kate Gill of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory will give a Seminar entitled “Helping Us, Helping You” on Wednesday, 2nd November at 11.30-12.30 in Room 110, Ingram Building. The seminar will be chaired by Professor Sarah Spurgeon.
As RAEng Visiting Professors in Integrated Systems Design, Julie and Kate bring a unique portfolio of skills embracing design, technology and business environment, focusing on the importance of the interface between systems engineering and policy, social and economic issues and where multi-disciplinary approaches are required to deal with complex socio-technical systems in a political environment. They work with Stage 4 MEng students in EDA and would like to take the opportunity to connect with the wider University community to raise the profile of their involvement and to identify future opportunities for mutual benefit.