Environmental and Infrastructure Monitoring – Research Seminar – 19th October

The next Research Seminar will be given by Mr. Kim Fowler, President of the IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society, at 2 pm on 19th October in the Jennison Lecture Theatre. He will address some current thoughts on sensors and the architecture of instrumentation for monitoring the environment and critical infrastructure and will present how the technology can apply to environmental studies, such as studies of wetlands, water-borne pollution and biological studies, and to critical infrastructure, such as bridges, roads and power plants. A primary focus will be the practical concerns for “low-tech” problems that plague many long-term projects. Kim will present several case studies and examples, such as the I-35 Bridge collapse in 2007 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its replacement that contains many embedded sensors. The lecture will then turn to the results of an IEEE survey that predict the expanded use of sensors. Finally, Kim will finish with a discussion of the relevance and function of professional societies and the IEEE in particular. All welcome.