Bursary success for Shaun Rodrigues

Congratulations to Shaun Rodrigues, a postgraduate student and assistant lecturer in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, who was one of only 16 graduates selected to receive a bursary from the International Centre for Graduate Education in Micro & Nano-Engineering (ICGEE).
As part of the rigorous selection procedure, Shaun had to use no more than 500 words to describe why attending the Micro Nanotechnologies Post-Graduate School would benefit his post-graduate studies and to complete an online technical course.
Shaun attended the school at the Tyndall National Institute at University College Cork, Ireland on 12 – 14th September 2011 where it was run in parallel with the 16th conference on Sensors & their Applications (S&A XV1). He learned about various processing techniques covering photolithography, etch, metal deposition and lift-off, PECVD deposition and thermal treatments. He also experienced a fabrication clean room and was introduced to equipment and hand-on training in photolithography alignment and exposure tools in manual operation mode. Shaun learned how to spin resist on a wafer print a pattern in photoresist and subsequently developed the pattern which was etched into an oxide resist striped and optically characterized. By the end of the workshop, Shaun had experienced some aspects of semiconductor processing and seen demonstrated all of the other technologies involved in the fabrication of devices.
The School of Engineering and Digital Arts also contributed the following research proposal at the conference: A novel algorithm for flare detection and visual dynamism monitoring using a vision sensor and imaging fibre system, amidst other top research Universities from various parts around the globe.