EDA at the Big Bang

Promoting design and engineering to young people aged 4-17, schools liaison staff and postgraduate students from The School of Engineering and Digital Arts recently attended the London and South East Regional Big Bang at The Science Museum, South Kensington, London.

This was one of a series of regional Big Bangs that feed into the national Big Bang in March 2012, and gives young people the chance to experience the fun of science and engineering through a variety of exciting, hands-on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) based activities. The regional Big Bang included live, interative events that offered local pupiles the opportunity to experience learning outside the classroom in a fun and inspirational way. Staff from EDA engaged with young engineers through such activities as fibre optic communications as used for new broadband internet to homes.

The Fair featured “Meet the Expert” sessions involving STEM Ambssadors from a range of careers offering pupils the chance to engage with local business and industry contacts as well as the opportunity to think about real life career choices. The exhibition also offered an opportunity for young people already engaged in STEM to celebrate their achivements through competitions and award schemes such as CREST (a project based awards scheme for STEM subjects) and Young Engineers for Britain (YEB).

EDA is looking forward to exhibiting and inspiring young engineers at the national Big Bang at Birmingham NEC on 15-17th March 2012 as confirmed by Dr John Batchelor: “We have ambitious plans to take our SPECTRA school activity to the national Big Bang. This gets pupils actively involved using electronic devices to crack codes hidden in the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s always great to see how much young people enjoy applying science to solve problems”.