PhD Scholarship available – Digital Fabrication of UHF Electromagnetic Structures using Conducting Inkjet Inks

A full UK research council PhD studentship (fees and stipend) is available at the University of Kent as part of a newly funded EPSRC project ‘Digital Fabrication of UHF Electromagnetic Structures’. This work is in collaboration with the OMIC Centre (Chemistry), at the University of Manchester. We will be developing new conducting inkjet inks for the fabrication of RF radiating structures, namely Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) for incorporation into buildings and RFID tags for uses such as personal monitoring. This work should lead towards possible industrial fabrication processes for innovative RF systems such as wireless sensing systems in buildings or on people. The PhD project will involve the design of appropriate RF structures and an assessment of their performance when fabricated with trial conducting inks.
This project will relate to recent projects at the University of Kent involving firstly the use of FSS in buildings to control wireless access
and secondly the development of RFID tags for personal tagging.
The intended start date is 1st October 2011.