More Talks from Top Animation and Effects Companies

The University of Kent’s MScs in Digital Visual Effects and Computer Animation were honoured to host guests talks by two of the UK’s biggest post production companies within a week in March. Major players from both came to talk and advise on student work.

From Cinesite the heads of Animation and Business development Quentin Miles and Anna Ford showed material from many feature films the company had provided effects for, including last week’s US box-office smash ‘Battle for LA’ and the upcoming last installment of ‘Harry Potter’.

From Double Negative, recruiter Sophie Jenkins and 2d Artist Manager Debbi Coleman showed scenes the company had produced for the oscar-winning ‘Inception’ which continues their close association with ‘Dark Night’ director Christopher Nolan and is one of the most successful box office films of all time.

This continues our successful approach of involving students on our MSc courses with the effects and animation side of the film and tv industry as much as possible which results in the high number of our graduates who find employment within it.