Research Seminar – Simulations and Experiments in Reacting Flows – 22nd March 2011

The next School Research Seminar will be given by Dr Andreas M Kempf from the Mechanical Engineering Department, Imperial College London in Jennison Seminar Room 2 on Tuesday, 22nd March.
Reacting flows are key to many processes of the chemical industry, of power generation, and of transportation. Improving these technologies requires a deeper understanding that can be obtained from modeling, from simulation, or from experimentation.
The talk will describe the technique of Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) for reacting flows, showing some state of the art examples and presenting the author’s current work on the combustion of gaseous and solid fuels.
To verify and validate the results of LES, detailed time- and space-resolving experiments are needed, as obtained by the Chemiluminescence Tomography of Combustion (CTC), which will be explained in the second part of the talk.
Finally, the presentation will further link experiment and simulation by presenting how simulations help improve the design and analysis of experiments and errors.
Please contact Dr. Gary Lu ( for further details.