Research Seminar – Highlights of Communications, Navigation and Image Processing Research at the ADVRG, Westminster – 24th March 2011

There will be a School Research Seminar entitled “Highlights of Communications, Navigation and Image Processing Research at the ADVRG, Westminster” by Professor Izzet Kale from the Department of Electronic Systems, University of Westminster in Jennison Seminar Room 1 12:00-1:00 pm on Thursday, 24th March 2011. All are welcome.
The Applied DSP and VLSI Research Group at Westminster has externally recognised and much valued know-how and expertise as well as a long standing track record that targets and serves Applied Research Problems in Industry’s next generation and future product development needs, through the much encouraged know-how transfer from Academia to Industry concept. The talk will concentrate on the latest projects currently being undertaken at the ADVRG, with highlights of results from each. These include:

GHz sampling rate Continuous Time Jitter Insensitive, Sigma-Delta Converters for Data Conversion and Acquisition
Channel Identification, Equalisation and Impairment Mitigation for Communication Systems
State-Space-Based Balanced Model Techniques for Reduced Complexity system modeling for DSP applications in Acoustics
Image Processing Techniques for Biomedical applications targeting automated malaria parasite detection and recognition with life-stage estimation from malaria infected blood samples
Reduced Complexity Sigma-Delta Based Ultrasound Beamforming and Imaging System
Global Navigation Satellite Systems especially targeting low complexity low-power multimode, multiconstellation, multistandard reduced complexity integrated GPS/GALILEO/GLONAS and COMPASS fixed hardware as well as Software Defined Receivers.
Refreshments will be available after the seminar.
This event is sponsored by the IEEE (UK and Republic of Ireland) Chapter of the Instrumentation and Measurements Society.
Please contact Professor Yong Yan ( for further details.