New generation of wireless smoke detectors

A team comprising Winston Waller from EDA, Jingqi Miao of SPS plus Laurie Muston and Robert Pang of EMS Ltd. of Herne Bay has just commenced work to develop a new generation of wireless smoke detectors. The work is being undertaken through a Knowledge Transfer Program and a Kent graduate, Navin Naryanan, has been appointed as the KTP Associate.
EMS is a market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of Wireless Smoke and Fire Alarms. Wireless smoke alarms are much easier to install than wired alarms, with much less disruption to the structure and occupants of a building. The aim of the KTP project is to help EMS reduce their manufacturing costs by developing a single-board wireless smoke detector to replace their existing product, which uses 3 separate circuit boards and requires a bought-in sensor head. SPS will provide technical support in the modelling of the flow of smoke into the sensor head, and design of the sensor head mechanical filters, while EDA will provide technical support in the development of analogue circuits and embedded microcontrollers.
Navin started working on the project in October and the development is expected to take 2 years to complete. If successful, EMS will use the technology developed to launch a new range of multifunction alarms.