Best energy saving idea and silver award for EDA!

Just under a year ago, the University of Kent joined 22 other universities in signing up to the Green Impact Scheme, an environmentally aware scheme with the aim of empowering individuals and departments to reduce their environmental impact by encouraging, rewarding and celebrating practical environmental improvements. From October 2009, a total of 17 Kent teams have been working hard to make their workplace more environmentally friendly and to make staff and students more aware of how this can be achieved.
The final results were announced on 8th October, with EDA’s team of staff and postgraduate students achieving the Silver Award and making the shortlist in 4th place for the Gold award. The School also won the Best Energy Saving Idea with its IT Support Team updating systems to support power saving features.
Not only have practical solutions such as increased recycling and resource efficiency (including more vigilant use of photocopiers, air-conditioning, heaters) been implemented, but overall awareness has been heightened – from Fairtrade tea/coffee being used in meetings to students using “green” themes in their project work.
We are now looking forward to continuing our involvement with the project and to build on the enthusiastic involvement of staff and students.