3rd year student receives Honeywell award for outstanding academic achievement

3rd Year CSE student, Mr Alex Savage, is this year’s recipient of the Honeywell Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement from the Institute of Measurement and Control.
Alex worked for a local company in Kent during his Industrial Placement Year and became involved in supporting their range of security products. He decided to build on this experience through his final year project in which he developed a ‘Contactless Security System using RFID’. The system uses a microcontroller-based reader within the door locking mechanism to read the RFID tag of the person attempting to gain access, contacting a remote SQL Server via an Ethernet Link to check on the security status of the person before either releasing the lock or refusing access. The project was Alex’s own idea and he has developed the RF circuitry, the embedded hardware and software as well as the PC software. This is a demanding project covering a wide range of technologies and has required a great deal of research in various areas. The prototype system has been constructed to a very high standard and the device is of considerable interest to the local company who will be able to take the prototype system into production.