Engineering “ambassadorship” for Head of Electronics at the University of Kent

Professor Sarah Spurgeon, Head of the Department of Electronics at the University of Kent, has been appointed an ‘engineering ambassador’ for the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE).

As part of her new role, effective from now until July 2011, Professor Spurgeon will help represent and promote the Academy’s work, policies and achievements in education and engineering to the media.

Professor Peter Jeffries, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medical Studies at the University of Kent, was among those to acknowledge Professor Spurgeon’s new role. He said: ‘Professor Spurgeon is an excellent role model for the Academy. Engineering is a much wider subject nowadays than the traditional view might suggest and we are pleased that her contribution has been recognised in this way.’

Professor Spurgeon said ‘I am delighted to have been given this opportunity by the Academy to promote the discipline of engineering, in all its guises. Engineering has a vital role to play in many of the challenges facing 21st century society including security, energy and healthcare and is key to our future economic growth, prosperity and well-being’.

In 2008, Professor Spurgeon received the highest accolade in her discipline when she was elected a Fellow of the Academy. Election to the RAE is by invitation only; up to 60 Fellows are elected each year from nominations made by existing Fellows.