Kent Biometrics Joins CEESI-Training Consortium

The University of Kent has joined the CEESI-Training consortium of eleven universities, contributing four new advanced modules in the area of security and biometrics. Skills in biometrics are currently much in demand for developments such as identity cards and smart cards. The University of Kent is acknowledged to be a world expert in biometrics and is currently working with leading industrial companies such as Motorola.
The four new modules are:
Foundations of Biometrics and Secure Systems
Industrial Context of Biometrics
Practical Biometric Systems
Advanced Biometrics

Winston Waller, Senior Lecturer in Electronic Engineering at the University of Kent commented “Joining the CEESI-Training consortium is a very important development for the University. We are joining the leading consortium providing advanced training for industry in electronic engineering in the UK and will benefit from the many advantages this brings: cooperation, marketing and financial assistance. It will help the University deliver modules in biometrics and security to a larger proportion of the population of engineers in UK industry who require training in this new and fast developing area.”
Chairman of the CEESI-Training Board of Management, David Rees, a leading electronic engineer and industrialist said “I am very pleased that the CEESI-Training portfolio is being expanded to cover the rapidly developing areas of biometrics and security. The consortium will be strengthened by the addition of the world-class expertise and advanced training modules of the leading UK university in this field. The University of Kent is joining a group of other leading UK universities in providing excellent advanced training for the electronic engineering industry in a positive attempt to counteract the skills gap in the UK.”
A graphic is showing the structure of modules available from CEESI-Training is published on the website:
Graphic on CEESI website:
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