Architecture work experience at Lee Evans Partnership

The EP team spent some time with MSc Architecture and Sustainable Environment student Taban Shirani whilst she was completing her 2-week architecture and planning work experience placement with Lee Evans Partnership.

Canterbury-based architecture and design studio Lee Evans Partnership has welcomed several students on an EP placement with them over the past few years, and as always this year’s lucky student had a very worthwhile experience, providing them with ample opportunity to develop their workplace skills and experience at an award-winning firm.

Taban was able to get stuck into several projects that Lee Evans are currently working on, largely in architecture, being her area of expertise, but she also had the opportunity to get a thorough introduction into the work that the planning team do, something which Taban was keen to expand her limited experience in. During her time at the company, Taban worked closely with architect Sophie Lamarque, who went out of her way to ensure that Taban was able to work on projects that aligned with her areas of interest – namely large-scale public sector and cultural projects.

As such, Taban got involved in a number of activities, including completing a flood risk assessment for a site in Northfleet and a site assessment for a creative and cultural centre in Dover which is in its early stages of development. She was also very much looking forward to completing a site visit later in the week after our visit, and grateful for the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues in the London office. Sophie and the team were really impressed with Taban, being very independent and completing work to a high standard, and were grateful for her insights and ideas for embedding sustainability into the projects she was supporting, given her knowledge in this area from her studies at Kent.

Taban wanted to pass on her sincere thanks to Sophie and the team at Lee Evans Partnership for their friendliness, their support, and for allowing her to contribute to projects in a meaningful way. She would strongly encourage students to get engaged with the EP scheme, earn your points, and apply for the amazing opportunities on offer!

Interested in completing this placement with Lee Evans Partnership in future years? Find out more about them on their website, and start logging your points now!