EP Reward applications – Top Tips

If you have 50 points or more on your EP profile, you would have recently received a copy of your Reward Application Form. Remember, you have until 23:59 on the 28th March to submit your selections.

For the best chance of success, we recommend the following:

  • Apply for as many rewards that interest you! The more you apply for, the greater chance you will be shortlisted for an interview. Furthermore, you can order your selection in preference.
  • Take your time answering the questions. For each reward application, you will be asked why you are suitable for this opportunity and why you think it will benefit you. These answers will be used to determine who is shortlisted for an interview and they will be shared with the employers. We strongly recommend providing detailed examples of your experiences, knowledge and skills.
  • Check your spelling and grammar. As mentioned, the employers will be reading these applications and you don’t want to miss out due to a couple of spelling mistakes.
  • You can repeat yourself. If you are applying for a selection of rewards, don’t worry about using the same examples and answers. Each reward application will be assessed individually.
  • Check the Rewards Pack for information. The booklet contains all vital information, including the location of the reward, relevant dates, criteria and more.
  • Don’t be put off if you are a stage 1 student. We’re often asked by stage 1 students whether internships are always allocated to finalists. This is not the case but rather rewards are allocated to the students who show the greatest passion and are able to articulate relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Look at all options. If you can’t commit to a full summer internship, why not check out the short-term work experience and work shadowing rewards?
  • If you need help, ask! We are here to support you throughout the process and you can contact the EP team via employabilitypoints@kent.ac.uk