An internship in software development with FX Digital

EP visited the FX Digital offices in London where Kent undergraduate Taha Ibrahim is completing his internship in app development

FX Digital is a digital agency which started seven years ago with a team of five people, and has since grown to over 60 staff, working on Smart TV app software development, building apps for clients such as Discovery Inc and Eurosport. When we visited their offices in London, we were struck by how lovely the office space was, with a very friendly and relaxed environment. This was something which Taha had clearly picked up on himself on joining the team for his internship. He loves the culture, the people and the work ethic at FX, and has been able to feel really involved in their work, being given the opportunity to implement a lot himself – so much so that it really doesn’t feel like an internship at all!

Taha has been able to get to know much of the work that is carried out by different teams, being able to do product testing with the quality assurance team, but has mostly been focussed on software development itself. Clayton Jones, the People Director, commented that Taha has settled in extremely well with the team and has really impressed them so far in his internship with his work ethic, knowledge and ideas. An internship is an amazing opportunity for both the student and the company, in that the student benefits from being able to develop their skills and knowledge, and the company benefits from the fresh perspectives and ideas that an intern provides, and they also get the opportunity to shape the young people coming into the industry.

Taha told us that his time with FX Digital has certainly set the bar very high for future employment opportunities. As he goes into his final year of his Computer Science degree, it has happily confirmed for him a career path as a developer once he has graduated next summer. Although he only started to get involved with EP this year, he is so glad that he did, as it has provided him with this invaluable opportunity to not only develop his skills but also to help him figure out exactly what he wants to do. With the resounding praise that they had to give him at FX Digital, we have no doubt that Taha’s future in the industry is looking very bright!

FX Digital are certainly very keen to get involved with EP again next year and hopefully offer more opportunities to students! If you’re interested in an opportunity with them, why not find out a bit more about them on their website, and start planning how to build up your points this year!