A Marketing Internship with Let’s Do Business

Final year student Ella Wilson is completing an internship with Let’s Do Business this summer, so EP took the opportunity to catch up with her on how she has been getting on

Let’s Do Business Group are a leading provider of business support, finance and training across the South East and East of England, based in Hastings, East Sussex. As a marketing intern, Ella has been busy assisting the team with producing content for their website, has helped develop a new website for a business centre they manage and has supported them in producing content for a campaign they will be running in the autumn. Ella has certainly impressed the team during her time with them, a very efficient and comprehensive worker who has shown a real interest in the business and what they do. As Stacey Pretty from the LDB group commented, they really enjoy inviting interns to join them:

“As a not for profit, helping businesses across the south coast, we can showcase the role that organisations like ourselves have within the local community and the impact that has on the local economy. As a small team, we can offer students access to a variety of tasks, and also appreciate the input they can provide to helping us improve and modernise our approach.”

Ella has really enjoyed her time at LDB, being able to do a wide range of content work, but also highlighting how Stacey took an interest in knowing what areas of work she was most interested in – copywriting and graphic design – and has ensured that there has been plenty of opportunity for her to do these things in particular.

“I expressed in the interview that I wanted the opportunity to build up a portfolio for myself and Stacey has given me opportunities to do just that. I’ll now be able to give evidence of these skills when I apply for new jobs, which gives me a lot more confidence in writing the applications and broadens the range of jobs I can apply for.”

For future students looking to get involved in the EP scheme, Ella would certainly recommend throwing yourself into activities that you’re interested in, particularly skills workshops, to build up your points to gauge what you want for your future, and then target those areas when applying for rewards.

“I came to university because I didn’t feel prepared to jump straight into the working world. I didn’t know how to sell myself, and I didn’t have much to sell either. Taking part in this scheme has made me a more confident and savvy person, and I’m beyond grateful!”

So, it’s over to you! Build up your skills and confidence by getting involved in the EP scheme today!

Find out more about the Let’s Do Business Group by visiting their website.