Work experience in video production with Digitom

EP took the opportunity to catch up with undergraduate student Buauna Ball who has been completing work experience with Digitom this summer

Digitom are award-winning innovators, with 25 years expertise of creating broadcast and branded content for some of the most ambitious clients. The founder of the company, Tom Chown, has been a trusted sponsor of the EP scheme for several years and has always enjoyed partnering with the EP scheme to find a student to welcome onto a placement with them.

Buauna spent a couple of weeks with Tom in July, and was thrown straight into shooting with the team, covering three different shoots in his time with them. He acted as Tom’s production assistant, including carrying kit, prepping lenses, and booming the mic, but the highlight was during his final shoot at the Kent Press and Broadcast Awards, when he was given the opportunity to be the camera operator for the event. Aside from being on location, Buauna also spent days in the studio learning all about the work done in pre- and post-production.

“My work placement with Digitom Video Production really filled out the knowledge I had going into it. I gained a lot of new skills, both in organisation and efficiency… the trust that Tom had in me to operate the camera solo for the Kent Press and Broadcast Awards was very inspiring, even giving me specific skills in tracking a subject and pulling focus. Overall, this experience has not only bolstered my learning, but has really given me the confidence that I am right in my choice to change to this career path. It’s something that I am finding more and more enjoyment in, with every day feeling like I’m just having fun as opposed to doing any sort of work.”

Work experience like this highlights the variety of opportunities that the EP scheme rewards students with at the University. As Tom notes, Digitom receive many requests for work experience, but ringfencing an opportunity specifically for Kent students makes it easy for them to collate interest and ensure that they receive high quality and professional applicants. If you would like the chance to complete an exclusive and competitive placement like this one with Digitom, then make sure you sign up to the EP scheme! As Buauna suggests:

“There is quite literally nothing to lose by joining the scheme, but you have everything to gain! You would really be surprised as to how many activities, both University based and extracurricular, qualify for points! Honestly, take advantage of this amazing system, its exclusive to the University of Kent, but I honestly wish all universities would invest in a scheme like this. It’s the way of getting experience for when you ‘need experience to get the job but need the job to get experience’.”

What are you waiting for? Start collecting your points today!

Interested in applying for this reward next year? If so, why not find out more about Digitom on their website.