Internships with eXroid

Through the University of Kent’s Employability Points Scheme, local business eXroid recruited two interns, Hope Turner (Kent Law School) and Sreekumaran Sivaprakasam (Kent Business School)

eXroid, who are based at Discovery Park, utilise electrotherapy as a treatment for haemorrhoids to the UK. With the ongoing growth of the business, Hope was tasked with supporting the process of the business moving from its current regulatory standard. From supporting with the creation of a submission folder to ensuring the business remains compliant, Hope was able to have a significant impact on working on a business-critical project.

Reflecting on her experience, Hope explained how she particularly enjoyed gaining experience in a small business; the workload was broad, she was required to develop knowledge quickly and she was able to engage with colleagues across the whole organisation.

Sreekumaran meanwhile gained the chance to support the business’ operational activity, working in clinics and accessing how the business can grow. Sreekumaran is currently completing his Msc in Healthcare Management, and this internship has provided him with valuable and relatable experience in the healthcare sector. Reflecting, Sreekumaran commented on how the internship will allow him to explore a career in healthcare administration, whilst he now has significant experience in frontline operations and clinic delivery.

Accessing the internships, Managing Director, Michael Wilshaw, commented that internships are essential from a business perspective. The roles not only allow students to gain real-life experience and the chance to gain accomplishment from a deliverable project, but the support has proven business critical. Reflecting, he stated that “[internships are] invaluable…the value is so significant to both the business and the interns”.

Both students also commented on the overall importance of the EP programme; for Hope, she was encountering a number of rejections for roles advertised outside of the scheme, but the EP process was incredibly simple, whilst she knew the EP team were on hand to support her throughout. Additionally, Sreekumaran commented that EP not only provided him with valuable work experience, but it acted as an impetus to engage with a number of co-curricular activities during his time at Kent.

Learn more about what eXroid do at their website.