Internship with Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

Through the Employability Points Scheme, Kent Law student Millie Clinton interned with Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce. The EP team caught up with Millie to find out more!

Millie’s internship was focused on working with the Deputy Chief Executive to undertake a research project assessing digital skills amongst local businesses. To achieve this, Millie designed a survey to assess the skillset of Chamber members, whilst being responsible for analysing the data. Alongside this, Millie gained the chance to support the government’s Kickstart scheme, an initiative which provides funding to create new jobs for young people who are on Universal Credit. Through this, Millie assisted local businesses in applying for the grant, coached employers with their applications and provided 1:1 support as employers went through the process.

Millie reflected that the internship really boosted some of her skills she had developed through her degree, such as research and data analysis, whereas she became increasingly confident with using software such as Excel and Teams. Furthermore, working virtually in the pandemic allowed her to develop confidence with the need to speak to colleagues via telephone and video call.

Millie also left the following advice to current students:

I only learned about the scheme when I was doing my postgraduate degree, but I wish I’d learned about it sooner. There are so many opportunities for students – to volunteer, to get work experience, to join clubs etc – that you should really make the most of. Not only are they great experiences anyway, but logging them for the employability points scheme can create tangible rewards that will help you become more knowledgeable, add something interesting or impressive to your CV, or even directly lead to work opportunities.

For more information on Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, please see here.