All About Kent! An internship with Visit Kent

The EP Team caught up with Brand & PR Manager, Lana Crouch, and Business student, Anna Spencer, to find out about this exciting placement!

Formed in 2002, Visit Kent seeks to grow the county’s visitor economy by promoting it’s rich heritage, areas of outstanding natural beauty, coastal walks and beautiful beaches, to name a few. EP are proud to have worked with Visit Kent for several years and always look forward to hearing about the success of their internship reward with our students.

In addition, we were able to further facilitate the internship with the help of generous funding support from Santander Universities.

“Visit Kent has been involved with the EP scheme for several years. Not only do we see it as a great way to provide students with valuable experience and skills within the sector, but it enables us to take advantage of the enthusiasm and fresh thinking that the participants bring. Without the additional funding from Santander I don’t think we would be in a position to be able to support the programme.”

Lana Crouch outlined how they worked around the Covid restrictions in order to introduce Anna to her placement, this they did over coffee in a local cafe, which provided a welcome opportunity to have a conversation face-to-face. Anna was able to meet the rest of the team virtually at a team meeting at the beginning of the internship and then weekly after enabling her to participate in content/social media meetings.

“Anna got stuck into her placement right from her very first day, and approached every task that we gave her professionally, and with positivity. Being able to find a capable intern for the placement who was able to make a significant contribution to research and content production was a real boost, especially at such a busy time for us.” 

“During her four weeks with us the Visit Kent team set Anna a wide range of work tasks which included everything from inspirational feature writing and social media scheduling, to responding to incoming media requests and carrying out partner research. These tasks were all brand-new work streams to Anna, however, she gave each and every area of work 100% and was particularly good at regularly updating the team on her progress, as well as communicating any questions that might allow her to understand the task at hand further.”

Anna said she soon realised the value in engaging with the EP Scheme and the benefit of earning points to apply for rewards in order to enhance her employability skills. Anna undertook a variety of roles during her internship from feature writing, to social media posts, research and liaising with companies and freelancers.

“My time at Visit Kent has allowed me to experience the day-to-day as well as long-term activities of various members of a marketing department, which is a field I am interested in exploring after graduation.  I feel I am much more knowledgeable about what is required of someone working in the field and have improved upon my digital marketing and content creation skills, thanks to this internship.  Also, as the placement was conducted remotely, I was able to experience what working for a company online would be like in the future.”

“Overall, I found the internship an extremely rewarding process and believe I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience from it. I would highly recommend the EP scheme to any student looking to gain new skills in an area of work they are interested in. It is a great opportunity to work alongside professionals who are open to improving your knowledge or experience in their field.  All of my colleagues during my internship were friendly, easily accessible and actively wanted to help me advance in whichever way they could.”

The EP Team would like to thank Visit Kent for their provision of this excellent internship, and also Santander Universities for their funding.

More information about Visit Kent can be found here.