All about marketing work experience with I Do Marketing

Lydia Mckeown has created a super successful company and shared her time with EP work experience student, Eleanor House, a Law Student….

“I love the idea of fresh talent and new ideas from a new perspective that young people provide,” started Lydia when asked what it is she likes so much about the EP Scheme, also commenting her allegiance to the University of Kent and its students. Lydia picked up straight away that Eleanor (Ellie) was creative and had initiative, so she wanted to discover what particular areas she was interested in and develop.

Ellie commented : “Lydia helped me to learn more about the industry and allowed me to try working in areas that I was interested in and wanted to know more about.”

Lydia was committed to giving Ellie a valuable, real insight into the industry, therefore, not only did she give her projects to work on independently, she also included her in a Discovery Meeting with a client. Here, Ellie was given the opportunity to hear exactly what the client was looking for, do her own research then feedback to Lydia on her ideas. The project involved some aspects of brand licensing, which was pertinent to Ellie’s study of law. Ellie collaborated with Lydia to produce a presentation for the client which proved to be extremely beneficial.

About the meeting and Ellie’s involvement, Lydia commented:

“Ellie was super professional and confident, she was happy to join in with the project and do her own research, which she then presented back to me”.

Ellie had this to add: “I Do Marketing allowed me to work on real-life marketing plans for their clients, as well as helping to improve their own marketing strategies. I also got to go and sit in an in-person meeting, discussing marketing techniques and getting to see how all the work came together in practice. Overall I really enjoyed my experience and gained a lot of knowledge from it!”

Overall Ellie highly recommends getting involved with EP, summed up as :

“Definitely get involved! As someone who hadn’t done a marketing degree, it gave me an insight into the industry and allowed me to understand how it worked in a business environment. It was great to learn about areas that I had no prior knowledge in, whilst also defining my skills in areas I have worked in before.”

Thanks to Lydia’s time and energy, Ellie was able to experience all aspects of a marketing company and relate it to her law degree. Lydia’s parting words were –

“I’m really proud of Ellie, she is a really lovely student”. 

More information about I Do Marketing can be found here.