Time for Art with Lilford Gallery

This eclectic, independent gallery in the heart of Canterbury provides work experience rewards for EP students. We caught up with owner, David Lilford, to hear all about this summer’s placement.

Lilford Gallery is a stone’s throw from Canterbury Cathedral, quite a fitting location for such a beautiful gallery. Boasting exciting, thought provoking artists such as Banksy, Tracey Emin and Billy Childish, to name only a small few, David Lilford is justly proud of the creative space he provides.

Cassnette-Jade Cooper (Kaz), a postgraduate Arts student, is currently undertaking work experience with David, working one day a week for twelve weeks. David specifically offers this work pattern in order to maximise opportunities for the student as there are many different scenarios to cover, from exhibitions to artist visits. According to David, Kaz, has “set the bar for all other students” due to her brilliance and enthusiasm for the role!

“Kaz has transformed the Gallery’s social media and web presence, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with her”.

According to David, Kaz’s attention to detail and technology skills enabled her to make such an impact on the business. Kaz also put in hours of her own time to learn how to do what she envisaged, one result was the addition of a ‘Whatsapp’ button on the website so customers can check their orders and make enquiries etc.

David stated:

“Overall, Kaz is very thorough, very focussed, absolutely brilliant and a delight to have around, she will certainly receive an amazing reference from me”.

Lilford Gallery is currently exhibiting ‘5 Years to the Power of Bowie’ – more information about all their work can be found here.