Thinking of Finance, Banking or Insurance?

If the financial world interests you, have a look at some of our highly valuable opportunities in this area:

Kreston Reeves – this leading accountancy and financial services firm are offering an insightful internship within the Online Outsourcing Accounting Team.

The Brett Group – this super successful group are providing a placement focused on accounting projects, specifically work relating to the benefit pension scheme.

The University of Kent Finance Department – an exciting opportunity on your doorstep – work in the Procurement Team, covering regulations and legislation, tender construction, evaluation, award and dispute resolution, supplier and information management and data analysis.

Handelsbanken – this customer focussed bank is offering the opportunity to undertake work experience in the branch covering everything from traditional banking services to private individuals and corporate businesses.

THEMIS – this leading provider of medical malpractice is providing an opportunity to work within an exciting new insurance company where you will gain intensive training, and be tasked with supporting new and existing clients.


Read the full Rewards Pack here.