You only have 4-weeks left to log your Employability Points for 2020-21!

Don’t forget the deadline for the 2020-21 to log your Employability Points is the 15th March 2021 (5pm). You can view your current points total here and please remember, you can log all co-curricular activities undertaken whilst studying at the University of Kent retrospectively.

If you are looking to for activities to complete to enhance your points total, here are some ideas:

  • The Careers and Employability Service are running weekly events and workshop. See here.
  • You can undertake a Study+ course. See here.
  • You can complete the Careers Award on Moodle. See here.

Remember, if you earn enough points, you will be able to apply for EP rewards! These include paid internships, work experience, training and much more.

More info on how to get rewarded can be viewed here.


For more information on the EP Scheme, please see here.