My EPS Journey

EP Competition: The Best ‘My EPS Journey’ – A Reflective Journal!

Have you had a fantastic experience with the EP Scheme? Do you feel like it has been an exciting journey that you have benefited from? If yes, this competition is for you! The idea is to help you reflect upon, and outline, your experiences through the Scheme – what you did, what you learnt, how it improved your employability and skills, to create a journey, or journal. This journal can then be shared with potential employers to showcase your time here at The University of Kent alongside your studies, and demonstrate the extra skills you have learnt through co-curricular activities.

Click here for more information and a step-by-step guide to creating your EPS Journey. There are also some previous examples for inspiration.

On completion of your journal, please email the link to the EP team via in order to be entered into the competition. The prize for the best journal is £30 Amazon voucher!

The deadline for submission is 17:00, Friday 12th June.