EP Sponsor Profile 2019-20


ReapStream is a Web application that enables individuals, teams and entire universities to communicate – message 1:1 or 1:many, audio & video communications; as well as to collaborate with structured guided templates, which are centered around individual or team goals. ReapStream also enables centralised content sharing.

Students can use ReapStream for collaborative group projects. Students and MATS can use ReapStream before, during and after lectures. This has a major impact on successful student collaboration throughout their studies. ReapStream will also be integrating with Moodle to facilitate coursework and project work collaboration.

ReapStream is a great platform to prepare Students for the digital workplace with the opportunity to collaborate with industry.  ReapStream can help MATs track student progress and also to identify and provide further help to students that require additional support.  ReapStream is for Students, MATs and all Educators.

Website: Here.

Rewards 2019-20

ReapStream are offering two internships for final year students:

  • Technical internship, where a student will be working on phase 2 of an educational platform. The intern will be imbedding Artificial Intelligence into the platform, and tasked with undertaking various programming activities.
  • Sales and Marketing internship, where a student will be covering all aspects of the business activity. The intern will be focused on sales, business development, marketing and social media activity.


ReapStream are offering the internships to final year students due to the intention of recruiting the interns, once the internship is completed!