The One Hour Degree!

A new way to explore university and earn points!

The “One Hour Degree” is a fun, interactive online ‘game’ where you have to complete a series of quests as you explore life at university, and what sort of student you will be. Quests are based on subjects like ‘Freshers’ and ‘The First Assignment’, with the idea being you select options on how you think you would deal with different situations relating to each quest. For example – how to handle the core reading, seminar and lecture attendance – even eating and living scenarios. Along the way, there are links to various support services available, which are optional to click on also.

Ultimately, once navigated through the game, you become aware of the facilities and services available at the University of Kent. Furthermore, you can see what class of degree you would earn based on your answers – also witnessing your own graduation ceremony!

Interesting and insightful, this is not only an original way to explore life at the University of Kent, it is also an opportunity to earn 15 Employability Points!

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