Wonderful Creative: Internship

Following his recent graduation, the EP team caught-up with Tyler Hamblin to discuss his EP rewards and various co-curricular activities.

As a student, Tyler earned over 900 points through his activity and contributions to Kent Television (KTV). His involvement ranged from helping out on live broadcast, directing and filming his own short films and shows and finally becoming the Station Manager in his final year at University.

Tyler engaged with the EP Scheme throughout his degree and undertook multiple rewards, including project placements with the National Trust, where he created a health and safety vide, in addition to creating videos with TimeQuest and the Hub for Innovation and Enterprise.

In recognition of his co-curricular activities, Tyler was rewarded with a summer internship with Wonderful Creative, a digital marketing agency based in Kent. This was an opportunity to work for an innovative company, whilst focusing on video production.

During his internship, Tyler undertook a range of projects, including 2D animation, live action filming and kinetic typography. As he reflected:

“Within 3 months, I had covered an event in London, produced a handful of animated videos, spent a day filming with an external client at Goodwood, which involved working with Formula 1 cars and self-driving vehicles. In my final month I also coordinated my own shoot with a large client, which involved the pitching of concepts, the hiring of equipment and crew, and directing a shoot in Bradford inside a live hospital all on my own.”

Tyler particularly enjoyed the internship as it encouraged both independence and the freedom to bring forward his own ideas. “The collaboration within the company has pushed me to areas I thought I wouldn’t explore right out of uni”,Tyler commented.

Tyler impressed the management team at Wonderful and as a result, his internship turned into a full-time permanent position in the company.

Reflecting on his journey through the EP Scheme, Tyler commented:

“Over my three years at Uni, the EP Scheme has introduced me to some amazing people, and some fantastic contacts – in my second year I coordinated projects with the National Trust, with Time Quest and the Hub for Innovation and Enterprise, all through the EP Scheme. Without these opportunities to interact with a professional client base, and consequently develop not just me filmmaking and content creation skills, but also my communication, finance and management skills. The end of my journey at university sees me moving on to full time employment in a career I am overwhelmingly excited for… a position I would not be in without the Employability Points Scheme.”