TMLEP: Internships

Thanks to funding from Santander Universities, TMLEP offered two internships to students via the University of Kent’s Employability Points Scheme. The EP team recently caught-up with Oliver Maughan, Legal and Commercial Director and Christina Deakin and Helen Sotillo (both Kent Law School).

Both students originally applied for this internship as they wanted to expand their legal knowledge, specifically in relation to Clinical Negligence. Both Helen and Christina where given considerable responsibility during their internships, with Helen commenting:

“This isn’t the stereotypical idea of an internship in the legal sector where I’m expected to file papers and make tea. As soon as I started, I was thrown into the crux of TMLEP’s business and given a workload of cases to handle. This workload includes preparing and reviewing cases relating to clinical negligence as well building relationships with Clients and TMLEP Members to ensure their cases run smoothly and TMLEP Members have everything they might need to provide their opinions. It’s a full-on role with plenty to do and I’ve enjoyed all of it!”

Christina also added:

“The day in a life of a TMLEP intern is anything but boring! I have managed my own cases with assistance from my supervisor and have helped provide clinical evidence from anything from a GP issue over a missed prescription to a very sad case of a child undergoing complex spinal surgery.”

In addition to gaining substantial responsibility, both students really enjoyed their internships, with Christina adding:

“[I really enjoyed] The fast paced and busy nature of the role. I like to keep myself occupied and at TMLEP there is always work to be done and cases to manage. This allows me to fill my time in the day and doesn’t leave me feeling bored or unrewarded when I go home.

Being able to really sink myself into my job and crack on with work during the day is what I look for in a role and being able to this on the TMLEP internship has been enjoyable.”

These internships were only possible due to the ongoing support from Santander Universities and Oliver Maughan commented:

The Santander co-funding allows TMLEP to offer a greater number of Kent EP internship and opportunities for graduates.  With over 90% of interns then going on to secure a full time position with TMLEP after the internship, the scheme undoubtedly not only provides invaluable industry insight, however it also fuels employment opportunities for the next generation.

Given the success of the scheme and obvious recognisable positive impact the scheme has for graduates, TMLEP has firmly embedded internships as part of its ongoing recruitment strategy, showing TMLEP’s commitment to the next generation of law graduates entering work through internship routes.

Since the completion of the internships, all the interns have been offered full time positions.

For more information on TMLEP and their support of the EP Scheme, please see here.