The EP Team’s Guide to Canterbury Freshers Week

You have now made it to the University of Kent! You’ve picked up your key, moved into your accommodation, completed registration and met your flat mates – but what now?

Here are a few tips for you from the EP Team:

1. Join a society or sports team

Check out Kent Union’s Welcome Fair, which is being held on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th September outside Eliot College. This is not just an excuse to get a range of freebies, but also a great opportunity to chat to society presidents and members.

There is  something for everyone, ranging from adventure gaming to photography, faith groups to volunteering initiatives!

2. Find a part-time job

You may already be worrying about how far your student loan is going to go and if you are interested in part-time employment alongside your studies, check out the Jobshop. The Jobshop advertise a range of part-time roles, including opportunities both on and off campus!

3. Check out volunteering opportunities

You can look to join a Community Action Group such as Raise and Give (RAG), Books 2 Africa and Enactus, to name a few, and keep an eye on our social media pages, as we are often posting about ad hoc volunteering opportunities (click here for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Understandably, during your first week at the University of Kent, employability schemes may not be at the very top of your agenda. However, you may not realise that by taking part in any of these activities, and many others, you can claim Employability Points!

We are strong believes that increasing your employability should be fun and you will be surprised at the skills you pick whilst taking part in co-curricular activities.

If you do earn some points, don’t forget you will be able cash these in later on amazing rewards including internships and work placements!

Why not check out our website to find out more?

So don’t delay – Get Involved and Get Rewarded!