Southeastern: Internship

In 2018-19, Southeastern Railway provided EP students with a range of paid internship opportunities, exclusively through the Employability Points Scheme

Through the EP Scheme, Aderayo Ariyo (School of Psychology) undertook an internship, which focused on reviewing managerial strategies and approaches. During her 12-week reward, she undertook the following tasks:

  • Shadowing a station manager, area manager and team leader.
  • Highlighting ineffective tasks and providing solutions.
  • Implementing time management tips.
  • Assist in interviews and attended meetings/ hearings.
  • Run a team-building segment.
  • Assisted in risk assessments, ticket office and station inspections.
  • Designed questionnaires to gather data.
  • Note taker.
  • Produce a report.

Reflecting on her experience with Southeastern, Aderyao commented:

“The internship was eye-opening due to the internal exposure I received about the railway. It made me think about career options in areas I never considered before. I really enjoyed meeting new people and gaining extra knowledge and terminology about trains… The internship is one of my achievements that I am most proud of. During the 3 months, I was able to develop multiple new skills and refine my ability to work on a team and speaking publicly. These new skills are going to be extremely useful for my future employers.”

Aderyao also stated the following advice to any student considering getting involved with the EP Scheme:

“I think that students who are considering applying for the scheme definitely should get involved. The internship has been life changing and EP provided me with a gateway to develop my skill set and CV. EP is also a good way to get recognition for volunteering as to qualify for a reward one has to get 200 points, and this is good for future employers.”